Professional Compact Percussion Instrument

The Cajonico is an innovative percussion instrument that took years of research and development to finalize. The Cajonico combines the advantages of the traditional cajón and bongos into a new compact and convenient instrument which represents a paradigm shift.

The Cajonico brings the playing surface closer to the percussionist, thereby making it easy to play comfortably while keeping a straight back.
Each Cajonico is 100% hand-made and is built of materials of the highest quality.
The body of the instrument is made of the finest Scandinavian birch wood.
The upper surface is built of four thin layers of exotic wood with outstanding musical qualities, to be chosen by the percussionist.

According to the percussionist's requirement, the Cajonico can be built in either left or right form. Each Cajonico is equipped with two snare mechanisms that can be lifted or lowered using a simple knob on both sides of the instrument which give it a wide range of sounds, and allow four playing combinations of unique characteristics.

The Cajonico is divided via internal separation so that the upper surface has one-third that functions as a snare and is characterized by high frequency sounds, and two-thirds that function as bass and are characterized by low frequency sounds.
The Cajonico is equipped with a resonance tube that amplifies the lower frequencies significantly and gives the instrument a deep, powerful sound.

The Cajonico comes with a pair of hand-made Integral Castanets, which add a whole new world of playing options and sounds.

The Cajonico is being adopted by highly respected percussionists who use it for numerous performances and recordings.

The measurements of the upper surface is 430x200 mm, and the height of the Cajoinco is 275 mm.
The Cajonico ships in a hand-made case with velvet lined interior and waterproof exterior, that matches the measurements of the instrument.

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